Monday, April 1, 2013

{Forever and Ever} Jake and Alicia

Friday afternoon before St Patrick's Day I received a message from a former neighbor of mine that asked if I would be interested in shooting a wedding on the Sunday (a day and a half away) for a couple whose photographer bailed on them.  I had a wedding to shoot on Sunday and didn't have transportation at the time So I had him give Jake my number and we went from there.  I truly believe there was a higher power at work that day, because everything fell in to place and I couldn't have been more happy to be a part of this couple's day.  They were absolutely amazing and the love that filled that house was astounding.  Alicia and Jake proved that a small intimate wedding can be just as if not more satisfying than a big ellaborate display.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place, including mine, and I'd only known this beautiful couple for a few hours.

I love traditions I've never seen before.  Above are the ribbons used for handfasting.  Very cool!  LOVE the golden knot!

This was another idea that amazed me and WILL be at my wedding if I ever get married again.  A "First Fight Box"  During the wedding ceremony they put love letters and a bottle of wine in this box and lock it shut.  When they have their first fight, they take out the letters, go to separate rooms, read the letter the other wrote and enjoy a glass of wine.  LOVE it!

Alicia's grandma's hand around her waist.  So sweet!

Jake and his daughter just melted my heart.  There are something about awesome daddies and their daughters.

And I'm still saying the "almost kiss" is so much better than the kiss itself and frame that shot with the windshield of a bad ass car and you've got an awesome picture!

{Forever and Ever} Branden and Kandis

Kandis and Branden didn't know it at the time they booked me for their wedding, but they were my very first hired shoot for complete strangers.  So happy to have photographed this beautiful couple on their special day and can't wait to photograph their little bundle of joy when she is born!!