Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Newborn} Lily Madison

I was privileged enough to have little Lily Madison be my very first newborn I have photographed.  She is the little sister of one of my former daycare boys.  She is absolutely precious and such a blessing to this little family. 

Everyone's favorite!  These shots really only happen by chance.  I happened to have my shutter release half down when she smiled and I caught it and I squeeled!  Yes, you heard right, I squeeled with delight that I caught such an amazing shot for Mike and Jessie.

{Impromtu} Boot Skating

The weather was gorgeous this day for winter in Minnesota so I decided to take the kids out on the ice for the first time.  These images all completely unedited!  I loved them so much I didn't change a thing!

{Just Me} Ncik

Nick needed some pictures to print for his girlfriend's Christmas gift....awwwwww.

These were all taken right in his mom's backyard and of course we had to include little Rambo.

{Event} RC Club Racing

This was my first experience with RC racing and I never knew it was such an intense, adrenaline filled event. Boy was I surprised.  The adrenaline was bursting from 510 Raceway!  I captured almost 4000 frames between my regular S95 camera and a Nikon D40.  It was an awesome experience!  Can't wait to do it again!

{We Are Family} "Hef"

My dear friend, Jessica was in need of some pictures of her and her girls.  It was cold and windy and they were all three champs!  We got some amazing shots for them!

Everyone's favorite!  Dinosaurs wear purple underwear right? hehehe

{She Said Yes!} Kellie and April

I've been dieing to use my rainbow umbrella in a photo shoot and what better shoot to use it for.  So happy for the two of you!  It's very clear love knows no boundaries.

{Happy Birthday to Me!} London age 4

Little London has more energy than she knew what to do with, but I did my best to keep up with her.  Some of the best photos came when I told her NOT to smile and she giggled back with "I can't!"

My all time favorite of the day!

{Impromptu} My Kids

I love railroad tracks!  I was THRILLED to show up to Thanksgiving dinner and realize there were railroad tracks right out her front door and the weather was gorgeous, so I took the kids out for a little impromptu shoot.  My daughter bailed on me fairly quickly, but my little man soaked up the spotlight.