Wednesday, January 9, 2013

{Prom} Michaela and Dwight

This beautiful young lady is someone very very special to me.  She was the first person I trusted to care for my children besides family members.  When we moved an hour and a half away it was heart breaking to not be able to see her and her parents on a regular basis anymore and the kids miss her tremendously.  I've been lucky enough to keep in close contact with all of them and keep them a part of our lives.  She asked me to photograph her prom experience from beginning to end and I did just that.

When I arrived, there was another beautiful young lady's pictures on the fridge.  There were three pictures of her mother in her prom dress.  I thought that was pretty darn neat, so I made sure I captured that as well.

One of Michaela's passions is horses.  She's volunteered and worked on a couple different horse farms, so making sure there was a horse in a couple of the pictures was essential.  Oh yeah, and her handsome boyfriend of several years, Dwight.

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